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FOX Business
Sep 14, 2012 4:00pm EDT
detroit lions on the cover and how our sales trending today. >> the first twenty-four hours, 1.6 million copies and most importantly digital sales, very strong as well. physical media began at digital. [talking over each other] >> free to play issue is rearing its head for you guys. are you working on stuff like that? how do you monetize that? >> we are 150% on the previous quarter year on year. [talking over each other] >> play games on the browser and your iphone. we apply the company in the u.k. two years ago who are the number one publisher of this with the number one publisher on mobile and a good chunk of that is free to play games. liz: got to rest of the company itself which is down 30% year-to-date down 33% and there was a discussion. you probably wouldn't comment that the company might be bought by a private equity out fit. >> is there a question? liz: and? >> very focused on our strategy to continue to build our business on a global basis taking care of the digital business. we have the world's best brands and platforms we are building powered by the best in the industry. we f
FOX Business
Sep 19, 2012 4:00pm EDT
in, of all places, detroit. jeff flock with the story. >> reporter: do you remember china like? it is not just shoe polish and the mark. it is watches, leather goods, even bicycles. al be back with a story of a company that is doubling down on america and american maid. stay tuned. liz: it's about the resilience of capitalism. iconic shoe polish maker read launching as an upscale manufacture of consumer goods, ranging from watches to bicycles. david: and the brand has a new home in detroit, which is where our very own jeff flock is with a look at this all-american company. >> reporter: used to be at gm building. they invented the automatic transmission in this building. this is the production line for. i'm in a clean room. this is live and dressed in such a funny manner. this is ready a symbol watches. they said the production line down for the day, but they are assembling watches in america again. has that been done since the 70's. you used to run stossel. you left to do this exciting thing, doubling down on america in investing in america. >> we believe in made in america, made i
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2